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September 19th, 2011: Partnering with Ad Platform

TwitterGadget continues to be a fun "side project" we work on here at LOGIKA, trying to always listen to user feedback, and rollout new features at a "torrid" pace as a result. In fact, we belive that TwitterGadget packs more features into a smaller amount of space that just about any other web client out there, and we're proud of that.

Over the past 3+ years of TwitterGadget's existence, our valued user base has continued to grow at a rate we never could have imagined, but certainly appreciate. To accommodate this growth, during this same timeframe, TwitterGadget hosting has grown from a single "spare" PC, to a 10 server load-balanced Linux array responding to over 1,000+ simultaneous HTTP requests at any given time.

As you can imagine, such hardware, and the accompanying bandwidth that goes along with it, does not come cheap. While we love working on TwitterGadget and providing the service to our users, we must continually find ways, to, at a minimum, offset the cost to do so. We are a small privately owned company that does not have a funding war chest of which to work from, unfortunately.

In the past, those who have been using TwitterGadget since the start, probably recall when we introduced Google AdSense ads at the bottom of the stream / timeline. We certainly know some may not have liked it, but it became necessary (and the only option at the time) to help offset the cost of offering our service free of charge. However, moving forward, we wanted to find a way to more seamlessly integrate the ad message into the timeline, so that it becomes less "obtrusive" and more relevant to its intended audience. We believe that we may have found that solution with

140proof enables us to inject clearly defined "Sponsored Tweets" into the timeline we serve back, with the tweets being tailored to your location and/or topics of interest, resulting in tweets that are interesting and relevant to you. It should be noted that these are actual tweets that can be retweeted, favorited, etc, just like any other tweet in your timeline, however, there will be a clear distinction via the tweet background color and accompanying tagline, that the tweet you are viewing is being served via the 140proof network, as shown below:

By moving in this direction, we believe that we will be able to continue offering TwitterGadget to our users with a level of features and functionality that we want to deliver and that our users have come to expect.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to send us a tweet (@tgadget), or fill out our contact form.


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