How do I allow TwitterGadget to continue accessing my Direct Messages?

What is Twitter's Authorize Login Flow?

Starting June 30th, 2011, Twitter has changed the manner in which users must login to third party applications, such as TwitterGadget, in or to "authorize" these applications to access all user's timelines, including, Direct Messages.

Prior to this date, one of two login options existed for 3rd party applications, "Authenticate" and "Authorize". TwitterGadget, up to this point, when oAuth was implemented, chose to utilize the "Authenticate" login flow. Unfortunately, after June 30th, continuing to use the "Authenticate" login flow prevents our application from being able to read and write direct messages on your behalf. As such, we have switched our login flow to use Twitter's "Authorize" method.

What does this mean to me?

If you have always used the "Login with Twitter" option when accessing TwitterGadget, this change will not have any impact on the functionality of TwitterGadget, and you will essentially not notice any changes in behavior or functionality, other than being required to logout and log back in, in order to re-authorize TwitterGadget for direct message access.

However, for those who do not have access to the Twitter domain for logging into TwitterGadget, and have therefore setup a TwitterGadget account to login with instead, action is required on your part, in order for your 'Directs' tab to remain functional. If you do nothing, and continue logging in via your TwitterGadget account, TwitterGadget will be unable to read and write direct messages on your behalf, going forward.

In order to retain access to your direct messages via TwitterGadget you must re-authorize our application directly with Twitter, by re-executing the "Login with Twitter" process (the top login option on TwitterGadget), from a computer, once again, where you DO have access to the Twitter domain.

Once doing so, TwitterGadget will automatically update your TwitterGadget account, if it exists, with the newly established access tokens created using the new login process, re-establishing the ability (permission) for TwitterGadget to access your direct messages content. After doing so, you may login using your TwitterGadget account once again and access to your direct messages content will be restored.

Why am I receiving an Error Occurred [401] Message?

After re-authorizing TwitterGadget, a new set of access tokens / keys have been established, revoking the old keys previously established authorizing our application. Therefore, if you use TwitterGadget in multiple locations, after re-authorizing our application from one location, if you are still logged in via another location under the same account, the stored tokens (cookies) have become invalid. Simply logout and log back in via your TwitterGadget account to reset the tokens.

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