Why Create a TwitterGadget Account?

Why Create a TwitterGadget Account?
A TwitterGadget account allows you to sign in using a username / pass in places where you are unable to use the "Sign In With Twitter" button (which requires access to Twitter.com). For more information on how to create a TwitterGadget account, click our tutorial below.

Do I Still Need A Computer With Access To Twitter.com?
Yes, but only once. You will need to be able to sign into TwitterGadget from a computer where you can access Twitter.com in order to create an account with TwitterGadget. Once you create the TwitterGadget account, you can use the username / password anywhere, even on computers without access to Twitter.com.

Can I Choose My Own Username?
No. We will automatically use your Twitter username (screen name) as your TwitterGadget username.

How Secure is TwitterGadget?
Bulletproof. All important transmissions occur over secured channels (HTTPS). Behind the scenes, we've hired Jason Bourne, Beatrix Kiddo, and Chuck Norris to protect your username / password.

What Are The Password Restrictions?
Your password must meet the following criteria:
  • Must be different than your Twitter.com password
  • At least between six (6) and sixteen (16) characters long
  • Must contain only the following characters: A-Za-z, 0-9, underscore
  • Cannot be the same as your username
  • Your password must be awesome

Do You Have A Video That Explains This To Me?
Yes. TwitterGadget: Can't login with OAuth? Create a TwitterGadget User Account Instead

Do You Have A Tutorial That I Can See?
Why Yes, we do, see the tutorial below.

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