TwitterGadget meets!

What is! ?! is a URL Shortening & Pic/Media Hosting service developed by the authors of TwitterGadget. Supported upload formats include: jpg, gif, png, ico, avi, wmv, mp3, wav, mov, mpg, & mpeg.

Why should I use! ?

Seamless Integration! was designed from square one to seemlessly integrate into TwitterGadget.
This gives our users the ability view thumbnail previews of uploaded media directly in their tweet stream.

Thumbnail preference options:

  • Hover: Hover over a link to display a thumbnail image (default)
  • Inline: Automatically display a thumbnail image at the right-hand-side of the tweet (shown above)
  • None: Disable thumbnail previews altogether

Statistics tracks statistics relating to your uploaded media. Each URL will have a counter, and the date/time that the URL was generated. As a result, users can visit! to see how many times their link has been viewed as well as other statistics.

How do I use! ?

How to use!
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